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Law Firm Bookkeeping Toronto

Between meeting clients, litigating cases, and interviewing witnesses, lawyers probably find it hard to find time for bookkeeping tasks. Without professional assistance, the entire process can be challenging and exhausting—from maintaining financial records and putting together annual financial reports to handling payroll, processing invoices, and preparing taxes on time.

At Accounting for Law, we provide professional legal bookkeeping services for Toronto law firms and lawyers, taking the burden of bookkeeping tasks off their shoulders. Hiring the services of a bookkeeper for lawyers helps lawyers focus more time on their clients.

We offer a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services that include, but are not limited to:

Accounts payable and receivable

Bookkeeping and bookkeeping clean up

General ledger

Calculation, preparation, and filing of GST/HST

Professional correspondence with Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) on your behalf

Payroll processing

T4s, T4As, and T5s preparations

Why You Should Outsource Legal Accounting and PCLaw Bookkeeping in Toronto

When you decide to outsource your bookkeeping needs to us, our team of bookkeeping professionals can help you make better financial decisions. We will impart our financial knowledge and advice to ensure that your law firm is in-line with the Provincial Law Society.

Experience and Commitment

We take pride in our experience and commitment to handling and solving various accounting and bookkeeping challenges unique to law firms. Unlike DIY bookkeeping, outsourcing is a cost-effective and efficient solution for all your needs. Our bookkeeper experts help you focus on what you do best, while we take care of all your books.

Insightful Report

We provide our clients with systematized financial data analysis and reporting to ensure confidence in operational management, transparency, and decision making.

Improve Operation

Outsourcing bookkeeping can help improve your operational abilities. We have bookkeeping professionals who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in Toronto legal taxation and bookkeeping. Have peace of mind knowing that all your client records or data are safe with us.

Scalable Services

Our Toronto law firm accounting and bookkeeping services include timely consultations and adjustments based on your needs.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our company invests in the best bookkeeping software for lawyers in Canada to streamline the process and ensure error-free and up-to-date records.

We understand the importance of keeping your financial reports organized. Our bookkeeping professionals ensure that all the information on your books is 100% accurate. Our years of experience make us experts in the ins and outs of bookkeeping processes for lawyers. Using the best practices in bookkeeping for law firms helps us streamline our services.

If you need help with your bookkeeping tasks, give Accounting for Law a call at (905) 492-5522 or fill out our contact form to let us know how we can be of service.