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Law Firm Bookkeeping in Ottawa

Professional Bookkeeping Services for Law Firms

Accounting for Law is a company that specializes in delivering dependable bookkeeping services to the legal industry. On top of the actual practice of law, we acknowledge the several components necessary to run a successful legal office, including keeping complete, accurate, and up-to-date financial records in accordance with any Provincial Law Society By-laws.

We understand the challenge, and so we offer a solution. We have an experienced team to help you with financial planning, practice management accounting, and tax services. We focus completely on offering law firm bookkeeping to guarantee your firm’s financial security.

Why Choose Us for Legal Bookkeeping in Ottawa

Don’t let your law firm's bookkeeping fall behind schedule. Accounting for Law is ready to assist you in keeping track of your financial activities at the lowest possible cost.

We provide professional legal bookkeeping services for small to medium-sized law offices in accordance with local law society by-laws. Our firm offers:

Legal Bookkeeping

Our legal bookkeeping professionals can assist you in organizing your financial transactions to help you make the best financial decisions for your firm.


Allow us to manage the back-end payroll, tax forms, and remittances.
Spend more time on what matters: your clients!


With our assistance, rest assured that all government and law society filing will be completed correctly and on time.

Spot Audit

Before a Provincial Law Society Spot Audit, we can conduct an internal evaluation to ensure that you are in compliance with the LSO.

When working with us, we guarantee:


Our bookkeepers are PCLaw experts, and are also experienced in working with other legal accounting and practice management systems such as Cosmolex, Clio, Ghost Practice, QuickBooks, Soluno, Leap, and more. We collaborate with you to help you achieve your financial goals and contribute to your law firm’s success.


We have a capable team of bookkeeping and tax experts who will handle the bookkeeping for your legal practice. IT, staffing, and management experts are also available.


We take pride in helping you fulfill your filing deadlines, manage your legal firm’s trust account(s), obtain bank financing, pay taxes, and stay in compliance with provincial law society by-laws.

Partner With Us

Accounting for Law has established its expertise to provide a clear comprehensive financial picture, develop tax minimization techniques, and manage financial records in compliance with The Law Society of Ontario for over 20 years. With our trusted legal accounting and PCLaw bookkeeping services, we have since expanded our assistance across Canada.

Let us help you in achieving your financial goals and contributing to the success of your law company. To make an appointment, please call 905-492-5522.