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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is information relating to some of the common ways in which a Notaries services are required. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section.

Why should I hire a Legal Bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers record the financial transactions of your business. Legal Bookkeepers are professionals that are familiar with the unique requirements of Law Firms. From trust accounting, to Law Society reporting, Legal Bookkeepers understand the necessity to maintain compliance and healthy financial records. Accounting for Law is a Team of Legal Bookkeeping Professionals that can help you with your immediate or long-term needs. Call us today!

What happens if my system crashes and I lose all my data?

Accounting for Law offers financial data rebuilds. Our bookkeeping and IT professionals can help you re-enter missing information and get your books back in order. Contact us to find out more.

I want to change Legal Accounting Software, what do I need to do?
  1. Research which legal accounting software is the best fit for your needs.
  2. Contact the provider to discuss pricing.
  3. Contact Accounting for Law to find out how we can help with your data migration
What does the LSO look for during spot audits?

When your local Law Society is auditing your financial records, they look for inconsistencies and/or discrepancies in your books. Trust Accounts need to be reconciled regularly and financial records maintained in order to have a successful audit. Are you preparing your Form 9’s? Are you reconciling your trust account regularly? Do you have uncleared errors in your bank account? If you need help reviewing any of this or need help cleaning up your financial records, call Accounting for Law today!

Do you offer Payroll/ T4 Filing Services?

Accounting for Law has an entire department dedicated to Payroll Administration. Some of the highest penalties are related to late filings and source deduction remittances. Don’t get behind, call us now!

What are your core services?

Our core services include Trust and General Bank Reconciliations, HST filings, and Yearend Processing.

What Legal Accounting Software do you recommend?

Accounting for Law encourages all law firms to research each available software.  Software companies offer in-depth demonstrations.  Contact them directly to discuss pricing options. Accounting for Law bookkeeping professionals support a wide range of these softwares.

I purchased new Legal Accounting Software, do you offer training?

YES! Accounting for Law can train you/your staff on utilizing any of the software we support. Call us now to make an appointment.

What Legal Accounting Software do you suggest?

AFL encourages all law firms to research each available to software. Software companies offer a detailed demonstration.  Discuss pricing options with them.